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====== Dr. Hui-Can Zhu ======

====== 朱会灿 博士 ======

Staff Engineer, Google Company


=== Education ===
~- 1995-2000: Ph.D, UC Santa Barbara, Dept. of Computer Sciences.
~- 1992-1995: M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Applied Math.
~- 1988-1992: B.S., Zhongshan University.

=== Research ===

I have been working on building scalable Internet services, particularly digital libraries, by effectively managing available resources. My research focuses on dynamic content requests as meeting their computation and I/O requirements can be a challenge. The techniques I have developed include:
~- Hierarchical server architecture to isolate processing of dynamic and static content requests and for recruiting idle resources.
~- Server side caching and precomputing of dynamic content to reduce response time and to optimize resource allocation and capacity planning.
~- Content caching and dynamic transcoding by proxy servers to minimize perceived Internet delay by users with low bandwidth connections and to adapt to capabilities of users devices.
In addition, I have worked on design of cache-efficient algorithms for trie-search and on approximation algorithms for the Set Partition problem for handling user profiles in the context of online information broadcast.
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