Zhaoqi Liu

Phd candidate
Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, CAS,
Address : East Road No.55, Zhongguancun, Beijing 100080, China
Tel : 15901045705
Email : liuzhaoqi@amss.ac.cn

Education Background

2006,9~2010,7 China Agricultural University, mathematics and applied mathematics.
2010,9~ now Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Operation Research.

Research Areas
Cancer Genomics.
Cancer Heterogeneity.
Survival Analysis.

  1. Zhaoqi Liu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Shihua Zhang.
    Breast tumour subgroups reveal diverse clinical predictive power.
    Scientific Report, (2014), 4: 4002.
  1. Zhaoqi Liu, Shihua Zhang.
    Towards a systematic understanding of cancers: a survey of the pan-cancer study.
    Frontiers in genetics, (2014), 15(1): 271.
  1. Wenjun Mou, Zhaoqi Liu (co-first author), Yuan Luo, Meng Zou, Chao Ren, Chunyan Zhang, Xinyu Wen, Yong Wang, Yaping Tian.
    Development and cross-validation of prognostic models to assess the treatment effect of cisplatin/ pemetrexed chemotherapy in lung adenocarcinoma patients.
    Medical Oncology, (2014), 31(9): 1-9.
  1. Zhaoqi Liu, Shihua Zhang.
    Tumor characterization and stratification by integrated molecular profiles reveals essential pan-cancer features.
    BMC genomics, (2015), 16(1): 503.
  1. Xiaofeng Dai, Zhaoqi Liu (co-first author), Shihua Zhang.
    Over-expression of EPS15 is a favorable prognostic factor in breast cancer.
    Molecular BioSystems, (2015).
  1. Meng Zou, Zhaoqi Liu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Yong Wang.
    NCC-AUC: an AUC optimization method to identify multi-biomarker panel for cancer prognosis from genomic and clinical data.
    Bioinformatics, (2015), btv374.
  1. Xuemei Ning, Zhaoqi Liu, Shihua Zhang.
    Local community extraction in directed networks.
  1. Zhaoqi Liu, Shihua Zhang.
    Computational studies for identifying molecular signatures: progresses, limitations, and effects of cancer stratification.
    in submission.


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