Operations Research

What is Operations Research

Operations research (OR) is the application of scientific methods to improve the effectiveness of operations, decisions and management. By means such as analyzing data, creating mathematical models and proposing innovative approaches, OR professionals develop scientifically based information that gives insight and guides decision-making. They also develop related software, systems, services and products.

OR professionals collaborate with clients to design and improve operations, make better decisions, solve problems and advance other managerial functions including policy formulation, planning, forecasting and performance measurement. Clients may be executive, managerial or non-managerial.

These professionals develop information to provide valuable insight and guidance. They apply the most appropriate scientific techniques selected from mathematics, any of the sciences including the social and management sciences, and any branch of engineering. Their work normally entails collecting and analyzing data, creating and testing mathematical models, proposing approaches not previously considered, interpreting information, making recommendations, and helping implement the initiatives that result.

Moreover, they develop and help implement software, systems, services and products related to their methods and applications. The systems include strategic decision-support systems, which play a vital role in many organizations.

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