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===== Publications - Bioinformatics 2015 =====
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=== Books & Chapters ===

=== Accepted Papers ===
~1) Yongcui Wang, Nai-Yang Deng, Shi-Long Chen, and **[[ Yong Wang]]**. ---**[[http:// Computational probing protein-protein interactions targeting small molecules]]**--- //Bioinformatics//. in press, 2015.
~1) **[[ Meng Zou]]**, Zhaoqi Liu, **[[ Xiang-Sun Zhang]]**, and **[[ Yong Wang]]**. ---**[[ NCC-AUC: an AUC optimization method to identify multi-biomarker panel for cancer prognosis from genomic and clinical data]]**--- //Bioinformatics//. in press, 2015.

=== Refereed Journal Papers ===

~1) Evangelos Pefanis*, **[[ Jiguang Wang*]]**, Gerson Rothschild*, Junghyun Lim*, Kazadi D, Sun J, Federation A, Chao J, Elliott O, Liu ZP, Economides AN, Bradner JE, Rabadan R, Basu U. ---**[[ RNA-Exosome-Regulated Long Non-coding RNA Transcription Controls Super-Enhancer Activity.]]**--- //Cell//, Volume 161, Issue 4, p774–789, 7 May 2015. (*First authors)
~1) Rachel D. Melamed, **[[ Jiguang Wang]]**, Antonio Iavarone and Raul Rabadan. --- [[ An information theoretic method to identify combinations of genomic alterations that promote glioblastoma.]]--- //J Mol Cell Biol//, doi: 10.1093/jmcb/mjv026, 2015.
~1) **[[ Meng Zou]]**, Pengjun Zhang, Xin-Yu Wen, Luonan Chen, Yaping Tian, and **[[ Yong Wang]]**. ---**[[ A novel mixed integer programming for multi-biomarker panel identification by distinguishing malignant from benign colorectal tumors]]**--- //Methods//. Vol. 83, 3–17, 2015.
~1) **[[ Jingxue Xin]]**, **[[ Xianwen Ren]]**, Luonan Chen and **[[ Yong Wang]]**. ---**[[ Identifying network biomarkers based on protein-protein interactions and expression data]]**--- //BMC Medical Genomics//, 8(Suppl 2):S11, 2015
~1)Ke Li, **Hui-Jia Li**, Hao Wang.---**[[ Situation analysis of relationship in social networks based on link entropy]]**---** Modern Physics Letters B**, 2015, 29(13): 1550061.(SCI, IF=0.746)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Hao Wang, L.Chen.---**[[ Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networks]]**--- **Europhysics Letters**, v108, n6, 68009, 2015.
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, J J.Daniels.---**[[ Social significance of community structure: Statistical view]]**--- **Physical Review E**, v91, n1, 012801, 2015.
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**.---**[[ The comparison of significance of fuzzy community partition across optimization methods]]**--- ** Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems**, 2015, vol. 29, no. 6, pp. 2707-2715.
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Huiying Li.---**[[ Scalably revealing the dynamics of soft community structure in complex networks]]**--- **Journal of Systems Science and Complexity**, 2015, In Press.

=== Proceedings Papers ===

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