Dr. Lin Wang

Assistant Professor
Computer Information and Engineering School
Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Email : linwang@tust.edu.cn

Educational Background

B.S., 2000.9 ~ 2004.7, School of Mathematics Science, Shanxi University.
M.S., 2004.9 ~ 2006.7, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University.
Ph.D., 2006.9 ~ 2009.7, Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, CAS.

Research Areas and Interests

Operations reasearch and combinatorial optimization
Information Security


surffing in internet


1. SANA: an algorithm for sequential and non-sequential protein structure alignment. Lin Wang, Ling-Yun Wu,
Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Luonan Chen. Amino Acids. Vol 39, 2010. (SCI)
2. Recognition of structure similarities in proteins. Lin WANG,Yuqing QIU, Jiguang WANG, Xiangsun ZHANG.
Journal of Systems Sciences and Complexity. Vol 21, 2008. (SCI)
3. Modularity optimization in community detection of complex networks. Zhang, X. S.; Wang, R. S.; Wang, Y.;
Wang, J.; Qiu, Y.; Wang, L.; Chen, L. Europhysics Letters. Vol 87, 209. (SCI)

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