Bioinformatics Glossary


From information theory, a logarithmic measure of the average number of choices that must be made for identification purposes. See also Information content.

Unified Modeling Language (UML)
A standard sanctioned by the Object Management Group that provides a formal nota-tion for describing object-oriented design.

UniGene (人类基因数据库之一)
Database of unique human genes, at NCBI. Entries are selected by near identical presence in GenBank and dbEST databases. The clusters of sequences produced are considered to represent a single gene.

Unitary Matrix (一元矩阵)
Also known as Identity Matrix. A scoring system in which only identical characters receive a positive score.

Uniform resource locator.


Viterbi algorithm
Calculates the optimal path of a sequence through a hidden Markov model of sequences using a dynamic programming algorithm.


Weight matrix
See Position-specific scoring matrix.

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