Bioinformatics Glossary


lambda (λ,BLAST程序的一个统计参数)
A statistical parameter used in calculating BLAST scores that can be thought of as a natural scale for scoring system. The value lambda is used in converting a raw score (S) to a bit score (S').

Local area network.

The hypothetical probability that an event which has already occurred would yield a specific outcome. Unlike probability, which refers to future events, likelihood refers to past events.

Linear discriminant analysis
An analysis in which a straight line is located on a graph between two sets of data pointsin a location that best separates the data points into two groups.

Local alignment(局部联配)
Attempts to align regions of sequences with the highest density of matches. In doing so, one or more islands of subalignments are created in the aligned sequences.

Log odds score(概率对数值)
The logarithm of an odds score. See also Odds score.

Low Complexity Region (LCR) (低复杂性区段)
Regions of biased composition including homopolymeric runs, short-period repeats, and more subtle overrepresentation of one or a few residues. The SEG program is used to mask or filter LCRs in amino acid queries. The DUST program is used to mask or filter LCRs in nucleic acid queries.

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