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List of Publications:(100)

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Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences”. Vol. 2, No. 4, 337–352, 1989.
Special Issue, 43–51, 1987.
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Theory”. No. 1, 81–94, 1991.
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equation in model of chemical system. ”Systems Science and Mathematical
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a fourth-order differential equation in model of infections disease. ”Acta Math.
Appl. Sinica”. English Series.Vol.10(4).1994.
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perturbations of Hamiltonian System. ”System Science and Mathematical Sci-
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tions with the dispersive efforts, ” Ann. Math. Res.”. Vol. 25, No. 2, 1992.
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for higher dimension. ” Mathematics in Practice and Theory”, No. 4, 1992.
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tial equation in chemical system. ”Acta. Math. Appl. Sinica, English Series”.
Vol.5(1). 1995.
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mathematical model. ”System Science andMathematical Science”. Vol.8(1).1995.
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in the ecological research. ” Network Research in Resource, Ecology and Envi-
ronment”. No. 4, 1991.
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Appl. Sinica”. Vol. 18, No.4, 1995.
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system of functional differential equations. ”Canadian Applied Mathematics
Quarterly” .Vol.4,No.4, 421-44,1997(SCI).
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in a degenerate case. ” Science in China” .Vol.25 (A), 1995(SCI).
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differential equation in chemical system. ” Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica”(English
series). vol. 12, no.2,144-154, 1996 .
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matics in Practice and Theory”. vol.26, no.2,90-96, 1996.
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Ginzburg-Landau equation. ”Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numer-
ical Simulation”. vol.1, no.4,12-17, 1996.
[43] Guo Bolin, Lu Bainian, JIng Zhujun. Slow time-periodic solutions of cubic-
qninitic Ginzburg-Landan equation. ”Progress in Natural Science”. Vol.8, No.5.
539-547, 1998.
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Science”.Vol.7, No.4. 416-421.1997.
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Duffing’s equations with one and two external periodic forces. ” Functional
Analysis and Global Analysis” -Japan.-Proceeding of the Conference Held in
Manila, Philippiness, Oct 20-26,1996. Springer.1997.Editors:Toshikaxu Sunada
and Polly Wee Sy.
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predator-prey system . ”Functionalanalysis and Global analysis” Japan -Proceeding
of the Conference Held in Manila, Oct 20-26, 1997. Springer. Editors:T.Sunada
and Polly wee Sy.
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bimodel map. ” Progress in Natural Science”.Vol.9(3), 1999.
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ing’s equation with two external forceing terms. ” Progress in Natural Science”.
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ology.”Journal Mathematical and Computer Modeling”Vol.30.29-45.1999.(SCI).
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external forcing terms.” Progress in Natural Science”. Vol.9(3).171-179.1999.
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of limit cycles for a class of cubic Hamiltonian system with the higher-order
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Discrete time recurrent neural networks with generalized input-output function.
”Science in China”.Vol.44,No.2.2001.193-2000.(SCI).
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ral networks with generalized input-output function. ”Inter J of Bifurcation and
chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering”. Vol.11(8), 1835-1851,2001.(SCI).
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never system. ” Science in China(Series A).Vol.44(12),2571-1578, 2001. (SCI).
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of KdV like equation with higher order nonlinearity.”Science in China(Series
[64] Ruiqi Wang, Zhujun Jing. Bifurcation set and distribution of limit cycles for
a class of seven-order Hamiltonian system with fiftee n-order perturbed terms.
”Chaos, Solitons and Fractals”.Vol.13,61-69,2002.(SCI).
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with a shifted phase backward.”Inter J of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied
Sciences and Engineering”.Vol.12(7),1515-1530,2002.(SCI).
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by constant dc and ac forcing. in ”Chaos, Soliton and Fractals” .Vol.12(10),
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lutions and Chaos in Josephson system. ”Discrete and Continuous Dynamical
Systems-Series A.” Vol.7(3), 573-592. 2001.(SCI).
[68] Jing Zhujun,Wang Jinliang. Bifurcation analysis and estimation of stabile region
for turbine-generator shaft torsional oscillation.” Automation of electric power
systems”. vol.25(4),6-10,2001.(EI).
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cillator. ”Inter J of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering”.
[70] Jing Zhujun,Jinliang Wang, Luonan Chen. Computation of limit cycle via
higher-order harmonic balance approximation and its application in electrical
power systems. ”IEEE Transactions on circuits and systems-I: fundamental the-
ory and applications.” Vol.49(9),1360-1370, 2002.(EI).
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back contral systems.” Math.Comput. Modelling”.37(1-2),109-133,2003.(SCI).
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brid dynamical systems with delay.”IEEE Trans.Automat.Contral”.48(2), 344-
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regulatory networks by cyclic feedback systems.”Bulletin of Mathematical Biol-
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Solitons and Fractals”.21,201-207,2005. (SCI).
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forcings. ”Chaos, Solitons and Fractals”.23,399-411,2005. (SCI).
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switch system. ”Chaos, Solitons and Fractals”.23,887-908,2005.(SCI).
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haviors in discrete-time recurrent neural network with non-symmetric connection
matrix.”International Jounal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Science and
[93] Zhujun Jing,Jiang Yang. Complex dynamics in pendulum equation with para-
metric and external excitations(I) .”International Jounal of Bifurcation and Chaos
in Applied Science and Engineering.16(9),1-16,2006.(SCI).
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metric and external excitations(II) .”International Jounal of Bifurcation and
Chaos in Applied Science and Engineering.16(10),1-26,2006.(SCI).
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with one external forcing.”Chaos,Solitons and Fractals”(will appear- CHAOS-
5969). (SCI).
[98] Zhujun Jing, Jialia Wang, Ruiqi Wang, Luonan Chen. Stability regions and
power system collapse by geometric singular perturbation analysis. ”Interna-
tional Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems”.( will appear-E2850).(EI).
[99] Jiangping Yang, Zhujun Jing. Cotrol of chaod in a three-well Duffing system.(
submitted to ”Chaos, Solitons and Fractals”).
[100] Zhujun Jing, Zhiyan Yang , Tao Jiang.Bifurcations of periodic solutions and
chaos in Duffing -Van der Pol equation with one external forcing.( submitted to
”Chaos, Solitons and Fractals” No. 60113).

Book Translated:
H.O.Peitgen and P.H.Richter. Springer- Verlag. 1986. Science Publisher, Bei-

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