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~-[1] Jing Zhujun .On mathematical analysis of mixed loops with scanning. ” Acta. Math. Appl. Sinica’. Vol. 3, 250–254, 1980.
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~~Math. in Practice and Theory”, No. 4, 30–37, 1980.
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~~ Vol. 6,No. 2, 183–190, 1983.
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~~Vol. 43, No. 6, 1247–1258,1983.
~-[8] Jing Zhujun. Qualitative analysis of a mathematical model for tissue inflam mation dynamics. ”
~~Proceeding of the 1983 Fourth International Symposium on Differential Geometry and Differential Equations”.
~~Science Press, Beijing, China. 471–472, 1986.
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~-[11] Jing Zhujun. Biomathematics–iii: Mathematics and problems concerning the competitive exclusion and competitive
~~coexistence of ecological systems. ” Ibidem”. No. 2, 1984.
~-[12] Jing Zhujun. Qualitative analysis of mathematical model for respiratory process in bacterial culture. ”
~~Acta Math.Appl.Sinica”. Vol. 7, No. 3, 328–333, 1984.
~-[13] Jing Zhujun. Existence and uniqueness of cycle of differential equations for a predator-prey interactions. ”
~~ Kexue Tongbao”. No. 9, 521–523, 1984.
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~-[16] Jing Zhujun. Qualitative analysis of a mathematical model for tissue inflammation dynamics. ” Acta Math. Sinica”.
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~~ English Series, Vol. 4, No. 4, 289–295, 1988.
~-[18] Jing Zhujun. Local and global bifurcation for predator–prey system. ”Acta Math. Appl. Sinica”.
~~ Vol. 12, No. 3, 333–342, 1989.
~-[19] Jing Zhujun. Analysis of Duffing’s equation with periodic force and without damping: Harmonic solution and subharmonic
~~solution and chaotic solution A study of bio-mathematical model of Aneurysm of Willis. ” Ann. Diff.”. 5(3), 297–306. 1989.
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~~of infections disease. ”Acta Math. Appl. Sinica”. English Series.Vol.10(4).1994.
~-[28] Shen Jiaqi, Jing Zhujun. A New detecting criterion of the Hopf bifurcation. ” Dynamical Systems”. World Science Publishing Co.,
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~~System Science and Mathematical Sciences”. Vol.8. 1995 .
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~~Mathematics in Practice and Theory”.No.4,1995 .
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~~Springer. Editors:T.Sunada and Polly wee Sy.
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~~and an example. ”J.Math.Anal.Appl”.vol,208(1),71-84,1997 (SCI).
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~~ ACTA math. Appl. Sinica”.Vol.15,No.2,1999.
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~~ Progress in Natural Science”. Vol.9(3), 1999.
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~~Progress in Natural Science”. Vol,9(4),1999.
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~~V0l.11,853-858,2000 (SCI).
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~~ Modeling”Vol.30.29-45.1999.(SCI).
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~-[60] Wang Jingliang, Chen Lounan, Jing Zhujun. Chaos and asymptotical stability in Discrete time recurrent neural networks
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~~ in ”Chaos, Soliton and Fractals” .Vol.12(10), 1887-1895,2001,(SCI).
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~~”Chaos,Solitons and Fractals”(will appear- CHAOS-5969). (SCI).
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~~singular perturbation analysis. ”International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems”.( will appear-E2850).(EI).
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~~with one external forcing. ( submitted to ”Chaos, Solitons and Fractals” No. 60113).

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~-Jing zhujun, Zhang Xiangsun. Chinese version of The Beauty of Fractals.
~~H.O.Peitgen and P.H.Richter. Springer- Verlag. 1986. Science Publisher, Bei jing.1994.
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