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Publications - Bioinformatics 2014

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  1. Noncoding RNA transcription targets AID to divergently transcribed loci in B cells
    Evangelos Pefanis*, Jiguang Wang*, Gerson Rothschild*, Junghyun Lim, Jaime Chao, Raul Rabadan, Aris N. Economides, Uttiya Basu
    Nature, doi:10.1038/nature13580, 2014. (* co-first authors).
  1. The research on molecular network models of complex disease (in Chinese).
    Jiguang Wang*
    Sci Sin Math, 44(4): 317-328, doi: 10.1360/012013-143, 2014.
  1. Clinical impact of small TP53 mutated subclones in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
    D Rossi, H Khiabanian, V Spina, C Ciardullo, A Bruscaggin, R Famà, Silvia Rasi, Sara Monti, Clara Deambrogi, Lorenzo De Paoli, Jiguang Wang, Valter Gattei, Anna Guarini, Robin Foà, Raul Rabadan, and Gianluca Gaidano.
    Blood, blood-2013-11-539726, 2014.
  1. PU. 1 is essential for MLL leukemia partially via crosstalk with the MEIS/HOX pathway.
    J Zhou, J Wu1, B Li1, D Liu, J Yu, X Yan, S Zheng, J Wang, L Zhang, L Zhang, F He, Q Li, A Chen, Y Zhang, X Zhao, Y Guan, X Zhao, J Yan1, J Ni, M A Nobrega, B Löwenberg, R Delwel, P J M Valk, A Kumar, L Xie, D G Tenen, G Huang and Q-f Wang.
    Leukemia, doi: 10.1038/leu.2013.384, 2014.
  1. Zhaoqi Liu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Shihua Zhang.
    Breast tumour subgroups reveal diverse clinical predictive power.
    Scientific Report, (2014), 4: 4002.
  1. Junfei Zhao, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Shihua Zhang
    Predicting cooperative drug effects by the quantitative cellular profiling of response to individual drugs.
    Scientific Report, (2014), 3: e102.

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