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======Dr. Lin Wang======

==Assistant Professor ==
==Computer Information and Engineering School==
==Tianjin University of Science and Technology==

{{color c="purple" text="Email"}} :

=== {{color c="green" text="Educational Background"}} ===
B.S., 2000.9 ~ 2004.7, School of Mathematics Science, Shanxi University.
M.S., 2004.9 ~ 2006.7, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University.
Ph.D., 2006.9 ~ 2009.7, Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, CAS.


=== {{color c="green" text="Research Areas and Interests"}} ===
Operations reasearch and combinatorial optimization
Information Security


=== {{color c="green" text="Hobbies "}}===
surffing in internet


==={{color c="green" text="Publications"}} ===
1. SANA: an algorithm for sequential and non-sequential protein structure alignment. **Lin Wang**, Ling-Yun Wu,
Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Luonan Chen. //Amino Acids. //Vol 39, 2010. (SCI)
2. Recognition of structure similarities in proteins. **Lin WANG**,Yuqing QIU, Jiguang WANG, Xiangsun ZHANG.
//Journal of Systems Sciences and Complexity. //Vol 21, 2008. (SCI)
3. Modularity optimization in community detection of complex networks. Zhang, X. S.; Wang, R. S.; Wang, Y.;
Wang, J.; Qiu, Y.; **Wang, L**.; Chen, L. //Europhysics Letters. // Vol 87, 209. (SCI)

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