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====== U ======

== Uncertainty(不确定性) ==
From information theory, a logarithmic measure of the average number of choices that must be made for identification purposes. See also Information content.

== Unified Modeling Language (UML) ==
A standard sanctioned by the Object Management Group that provides a formal nota-tion for describing object-oriented design.

== UniGene (人类基因数据库之一) ==
Database of unique human genes, at NCBI. Entries are selected by near identical presence in GenBank and dbEST databases. The clusters of sequences produced are considered to represent a single gene.

== Unitary Matrix (一元矩阵) ==
Also known as Identity Matrix. A scoring system in which only identical characters receive a positive score.

== URL(统一资源定位符) ==
Uniform resource locator.

====== V ======

== Viterbi algorithm ==
Calculates the optimal path of a sequence through a hidden Markov model of sequences using a dynamic programming algorithm.

====== W ======

== Weight matrix ==
See Position-specific scoring matrix.

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