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=== Introduction ===

Operational Research (OR) is the use of scientific methodology for solving problems in the management of complex systems. In essence it is a logical problem solving technique that studies design and operational problems in systems having definite goals, yet facing human, technical or economic constraints. OR provides useful tools for people to make the most effective decisions.

OR has been used intensively in business, industry, and government. OR has successfully solved a wide variety of real world problems from many fields, such as management, engineering, economics and military operation. Most importantly, new applications are continually arising, most notably in computer and telecommunication technology, in the financial and economic community, in biology and medicine, in healthcare and environmental protection, to name just a few.

ZHANGroup is a research group led by Professor Zhang Xiang-Sun, who is a full professor of the Academy of Mathematics and System Science and also the honorary president of Operations Research Society of China. The group has been formed since August 2003 to study the theory and applications of OR.

The research topic includes:

~- Theory and Applications of Operations Research
~- Theory, Algorithm and Applications of Mathematical Programming
~- Neural Network in Optimization
~- Model and Optimization in Supply Chain
~- Bioinformatics
~- Management and Decision Science
~- Theory and Programming Method of DSS and MIS
~- E-Government Strategic Planning

ZHANGroup is supported by the Academy of Mathematics and System Science, CAS, and dedicates to the innovation of OR theory and methodology, the applications as well as the intercross with other research fields. The foremost goal is to push the application of OR in China deeper and broader.
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