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====== Logistics & Supply Chain Management ======

==== What is Logistics & SCM ====
"Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time."

Supply Chain Management is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of business success. Those who manage their supply chain effectively will flourish and prosper, those who don't may not be around in a few years. Visit these selected SCM definitions we have located from a number of internet sources to learn more about this critical success factor.

~- [[ A collection of logistics definitions]] compiled by [[ LogisticsWorld]]
~- [[ A Definition of the Supply Chain]] This webpage from J.L. Mayer at Stanford contains a relevant discussion on the nature of supply chain management.
~- [[ RCG Supply Chain Managment Definition]] This long form definition of Supply Chain Management from the Rockford Consulting Group provides a detailed and complete definition of SCM.

== Other websites giving Logistics definitions ==
~- [[ Council of Logistics Management (USA)]] has a click button on the Home page giving their definition of "Logistics". There is also a link to glossary of terms -
~- [[ Institute of Logistics & Transport (UK)]] gives a definition of "logistics" and has a link to a Glossary of Inventory & Materials Management Defintions.
~- [[ The Logistics Institute (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)]]

==== Our Works ====
~- [[ZHANGroupProjects Projects]]
~- [[PubSupplyChain Publications]]
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