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====== Optimization ======

==== What is Mathematical Programming ====
~& from [[ George B. Dantzig]], Father of Mathematical Programming, "[[ The Nature of Mathematical Programming]]"

Mathematical programming is the study or use of the mathematical program. It includes any or all of the following:
~- Theorems about the form of a solution, including whether one exists;
~- Algorithms to seek a solution or ascertain that none exists;
~- Formulation of problems into mathematical programs, including understanding the quality of one formulation in comparison with another;
~- Analysis of results, including debugging situations, such as infeasible or anomalous values;
~- Theorems about the model structure, including properties pertaining to feasibility, redundancy and/or implied relations (such theorems could be to support analysis of results or design of algorithms);
~- Theorems about approximation arising from imperfections of model forms, levels of aggregation, computational error, and other deviations;
~- Developments in connection with other disciplines, such as a computing environment.

==== Our Works ====
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==== Other Resources ====
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