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====== Dynamical system ======

==== Subjects of research ====
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Dynamical systems include the continuous and discrete dynamical systems which are decribed respectively by ordianry differential equations and discrete mapping.

Applications we consider are that apply the theory and methods from dynamical systems to study of particular mathematical models existing in physics, chemistry, biology, neural network and various engineering disciplines.

=== Members ===
See [[JINGroup JINGroup]]

=== Recent Interests ===
~1) Analyze the bifurcation phenomena including local bifurcation and global bifurcation
~1) Study chaotic dynamics including the route of chaos, and the analysis of complexity of chaotic dynamics
~1) find the methods for control of chaos and bifurcations.

=== Subjects of entrance exam for PHD in Hunan Normal University ===
~1)Functional analysis
~1)Bifurcation theory

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=== Recent results ===
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