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====== Bioinformatics ======

==== What is Bioinformatics ====
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Bioinformatics is an integration of mathematical, statistical and computer methods to analyze biological, biochemical and biophysical data.

== Other definitions ==
~- Bioinformatics is the science of developing computer databases and algorithms for the purpose of speeding up and enhancing biological research. Bioinformatics is being used most noticeably in the Human Genome Project, the effort to identify the 80,000 genes in human DNA. New academic programs are training students in Bioinformatics by providing them with backgrounds in molecular biology and in computer science, including database design and analytical approaches. (Definition from [[]])
~- Bioinformatics is a combination of Computer Science, Information Technology and Genetics to determine and analyze genetic information. (Definition from [[]])
~- Bioinformatics is the science and technology about learning, managing and processing biological information. (Definition from Missouri University lecture)

== Learn more about Bioinformatics ==
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==== Recent Interests ====
~1) Protein structure prediction
~1) Protein structure alignment
~1) Prediction and analysis of protein interaction networks
~1) Synthesis and analysis of gene regulatory networks
~1) Models and algorithms of haplotype inference problem
~1) SBH method of DNA sequencing

==== Our Works ====
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==== Other Resources ====
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