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===== News =====

~- [[|热烈祝贺张世华获第十三届中国青年科技奖!]] {{image alt="New!" title="New!" url="images/new.gif"}}

~- [[|热烈祝贺章祥荪研究员获中国运筹学会科学技术奖!]]

~- [[|章祥荪研究员在中国运筹学会第九次全国代表大会上做了题为“复杂网络研究中的优化问题”的大会报告]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: A Constraint for Optimal Parameter Estimation to Solve an Issue of Molecular Network Models in Systems Biology]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: 复杂网络与运筹学 (Complex network and operations reasearch)]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: Uncover disease genes by maximizing information flow in the phenome-interactome network]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: Template-free detection of macromolecular complexes in cryo electron tomograms]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: High-accuracy network analysis in systems biology]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: Numerical approach to structure and folding of protein and microRNA]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: Understanding the Utilization, Function and Evolution of Trace Elements by Computational and Comparative Genomics Approaches]]

~- [[SeminarInfo|Invited talk: Simple models to uncover key factors for protein aggregation]]

~- [[|Our group visited the Institute of Pathogen Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, and discussed possible collaborations in future ]]

~- [[|Our group had a new year's party and new photo is available now!]]

~- [[|Prof. Xiang-Sun Zhang receive the national award for the Best Scientific and Technical Worker]]

~- [[|The paper entitled "Modularity optimization in community detection of complex networks"(2009 EPL 87 38002) was selected as Best of 2009 Collection.]]

~- [[|Dr. Yong Wang's poster entitled "An integrated gene regulatory network inference pipeline" was selected as the Best poster of GIW2010 ]]

~- [[|学术报告:章祥荪研究员在全国复杂网络会议上的学术报告 2010.10.17]]
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