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== [[LiWang Li-Wang]] ==

Phd candidate of [[ school of Economics, ]][[ Renmin University of China]]

====== {{colour c="green" text="王莉"}}======

中国人民大学 经济学院 数量经济学 博士研究生
School of Economics, Renmin University of China
{{colour c="purple" text="Address"}} : No.59, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian, Beijing 100872, China
{{colour c="purple" text="Email"}} :
Li-Wang was born on 15th, July, 1983 in Henan, China. She received his B.S. Degree from Department of Mathematics, XinJiang Normal University, and now she is a candidate of Ph.D. in Quantitive Economics, School of Economics, Renmin University of China. Her future research interests, will be within the areas of Fractal theory and its applications in economic and biology, extend to include Theory of Optimization , Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimization, Bioinformatics, etc.
=== {{colour c="green" text="Educational Background"}} ===
~- B.S., 2000.10 ~ 2004.7, Department of Mathematics, {{colour c="blue" text="XinJiang Normal University"}}.
~- M.S., 2004 ~ Now, School of Economics, {{colour c="blue" text="RenMin University of China"}}.
=== {{colour c="green" text="Research Areas and Interests"}} ===
~- Fractal theory and its applications
~- Optimization theory and algorithms
~- Bioinformatics
=== {{colour c="green" text="Hobbies "}}===
~- pingpong
~- music
~- surffing in internet
=== {{colour c="green" text="Personality"}} ===
~- Confident --"Everything is possible,impossible is Nothing."
~- Industrious --"Just doing it is the only way to my goal"
~- optimistic --"Try to be an optimist and you will be happy everday"
~- Cooperative --"more friends,more ways"

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