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=====@@{{color c="blue" text=" Activities"}}@@=====

=== {{color c="blue" text="Professional Activities:"}}===
~-1. Editor of Applied Mathematical Series .(China)
~-2. Editor of ACTAMATHEMATICAE APPCICATAE SINICA . 2000-2007.(China)
~-3. Editor of International Journal of Nonlinear Science.

=== {{color c="blue" text="Invited Lectures at Conferences:"}}===
~-1. Fourth International Symposium on Differential Geometry and Differential Equations, Beijing, China, 1983.
~-2. First Autumn workshop on Mathematical Ecology (ICTP, Trieste, Italy), 1988.
~-3. International Conference on Functional Analysis and Global Analysis (Manilla, Philippines), 1996.
~-4. AMS Central section Meeting (University of Toroto Canada), 2000.9.21-24. And so on.

=== {{color c="blue" text="List of Professors I invited recently to visit our institute:"}}===
~-1. Yi Li (University of Rochester, USA), July, 1996.
~-2. Kenichi Shiraiwa (Science University of Tokyo), August, 1995.
~-3. H.Kokubu (Kyoto University), September, 1995.
~-4. Xuezhong He (University of Sydney), December, 1995.
~-5. Anna Capietto (International School for Advanced Studies, Italy), July, 1994.
~-6. Gail S.K.Wolkowicz (McMaster University, Canada), May, 1994.
~-7. Jianhong Wu (Canada), May, 1994.
~-8. R.Kooij (Netherlands University), Feb., 1994.
~-9. Hans-otto, Walther (Universitaet Giessen, Germany), Oct., 1994.
~-10. G.R.Sell (University of Minnesota, USA), Jun, 1994.
~-11. A.N.Sarkovskii (Institute of Ukr., Russia), Nov., 1994.
~-12. A.Simon (University of Orleans, France), Aug., 1993.
~-13. P.Volkmann (University of Karlsruhe, Germany), Aug., 1993.
~-14. Li Yi (University of Iowa,USA), July, 1996-2006(every year).
~-15.Herb Hethcote (Iowa University, USA), March, 1999.
~-16. Chen Lounan (Osaka Sangyo University, Osaka, Japan) Jun,1997-2006(every year).
~~~and so on.

=== {{color c="blue" text="Teaching Experience:"}}===
~-Teaching Calculus, Algebra, Qualitative Theory of O.D.E,
~-Bifurcation Theory and Its Applications in Varieties of University.
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