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Zhong-Yuan Zhang (张忠元)


Zhong-Yuan Zhang was born on 29th, Sep, 1979 in Liaoning Province, China. Now He is an assistant professor of School of Statistics, Central University of Finance & Economics. He received his M.S. Degrees from Department of Applied Mathematics, DaLian University of Technology, and Doctor Degree from Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His future research interests, will be within the areas of Nonlinear Programming, data mining (especially financial data mining), Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimization, etc.

Educational Background

Research Areas and Interests

List of Publications

  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Tao Li, Chris Ding, Xian-Wen Ren, and Xiang-Sun Zhang. Binary Matrix Factorization for Analyzing Gene Expression Data. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, to appear, 2009.
  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang, NMF-based Models for Tumor Clustering: A Systematic Comparison, 3rd International Symposium on Optimization and Systems Biology (OSB 2009)(ISTP), to appear。
  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Tao Li, Chris Ding and Xiang-Sun Zhang, Binary matrix factorization with applications, Proc. IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM) 2007, page: 391-400.
  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang and Xiang-Sun Zhang, Two Improvements of NMF Used for Tumor Clustering. Optimization and Systems Biology, Lecture Notes in Operations Research, 7, pp. 242-249, World Publishing Corporation, Beijing, 2007.
  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Li-Wei Zhang. A Criterion for the Global convergence of the Conjugate Gradient, Mathematics in Economics, 2007, Vol.24, No. 3, 20-27(in Chinese).
  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang, A note on the global convergence of the hybrid conjugate gradient method.(in Chinese)


  1. Workshop Chair of NISS 2009 Workshop on Financial Data Mining
  1. PC Member of SIGKDD 2008 Workshop on Data Mining using Matrices and Tensors
  1. 1, Nov-1, Dec, 2007: Visiting Student at School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University.
  1. 1, Dec, 2007- May, 2008: Visiting Student at Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.
  1. 28, Oct-31, Oct, 2007: Oral Presentation, Binary Matrix Factorization with Applications, IEEE-ICDM2007, Omaha, America.
  1. 4, Aug-7, Aug, 2007: Oral Presentation, Two Improvements of NMF Used for Tumor Clustering, OSB2007, Beijing, China.
  1. 11, June-14, June, 2008:Oral Presentation, Non-negative Matrix Factorization: Methods, Applications and Perspective, The Sixth International Conference on Matrix-Analytic Methods in Stochastic Models (MAM6).

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