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====== Zhong-Yuan Zhang (张忠元)=========
Associate Professor, School of Statistics, Central University of Finance & Economics
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=== {{color c="green" text="Educational Background"}} ===

~- Ph.D., 2005.9 ~ Now, {{color c="green" text="Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, CAS"}}.
~- M.S., 2002.9 ~ 2005.7, Department of Applied Mathematics, {{color c="blue" text="DaLian University of Technology"}}.

=== {{color c="green" text="Research Areas and Interests"}} ===
~- Data mining
~- Nonlinear Programming

=== {{color c="green" text="List of Publications"}} ===
~1) Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Tao Li, Chris Ding, Xian-Wen Ren, and Xiang-Sun Zhang. Binary Matrix Factorization for Analyzing Gene Expression Data. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, to appear, 2009.
~1) Zhong-Yuan Zhang, NMF-based Models for Tumor Clustering: A Systematic Comparison, 3rd International Symposium on Optimization and Systems Biology (OSB 2009)(ISTP), to appear。
~1) Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Tao Li, Chris Ding and Xiang-Sun Zhang, Binary matrix factorization with applications, Proc. IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM) 2007, page: 391-400.
~1) Zhong-Yuan Zhang and Xiang-Sun Zhang, Two Improvements of NMF Used for Tumor Clustering. Optimization and Systems Biology, Lecture Notes in Operations Research, 7, pp. 242-249, World Publishing Corporation, Beijing, 2007.
~1) Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Li-Wei Zhang. A Criterion for the Global convergence of the Conjugate Gradient, Mathematics in Economics, 2007, Vol.24, No. 3, 20-27(in Chinese).
~1) Zhong-Yuan Zhang, A note on the global convergence of the hybrid conjugate gradient method.(in Chinese)

{{color c="green" text="Activities"}}
~1) Workshop Chair of [[ NISS 2009 Workshop on Financial Data Mining]]
~1) PC Member of [[ SIGKDD 2008 Workshop on Data Mining using Matrices and Tensors]]
~1) 1, Nov-1, Dec, 2007: Visiting Student at School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University.
~1) 1, Dec, 2007- May, 2008: Visiting Student at Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University.
~1) 28, Oct-31, Oct, 2007: Oral Presentation, Binary Matrix Factorization with Applications, IEEE-ICDM2007, Omaha, America.
~1) 4, Aug-7, Aug, 2007: Oral Presentation, Two Improvements of NMF Used for Tumor Clustering, OSB2007, Beijing, China.
~1) 11, June-14, June, 2008:Oral Presentation, Non-negative Matrix Factorization: Methods, Applications and Perspective, The Sixth International Conference on Matrix-Analytic Methods in Stochastic Models (MAM6).

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