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Hui-Can Zhu
HuicanZhu Dr. Hui-Can Zhu
Staff engineer of Google Company

De-Gang Liu
Dr. De-Gang Liu
Associate professor of Institute of Applied Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science

Xin-Jian Zhuo
XinjianZhuo Dr. Xin-Jian Zhuo
Associate professor of School of Information Engineering, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications

Fei Li
FeiLi Dr. Fei Li
Associate professor of Beijing Technology & Business University

Ruiqi Wang
RuiqiWang Dr. Ruiqi Wang
Associate professor of Institute of Systems Biology, Shanghai University

Zhong-Wei Zhan
ZhongweiZhan Dr. Zhong-Wei Zhan
Project manager of China Aerospace Engineering Consultation Center

Yu-Ying Zhao
YuyingZhao Dr. Yu-Ying Zhao
Assistant Professor of Beijing Forestry University

Jin-Shan Li
JinshanLi Dr. Jin-Shan Li
Assistant Professor of Beijing Forestry University

Hong-Wei Liu
HongweiLiu Dr. Hong-Wei Liu
Assistant Professor of Beijing Materials Insititute

Xue-Mei Ning
XuemeiNing Dr. Xue-Mei Ning
Assistant Professor of Beijing Forestry University

Binwei Gui
BinweiGui Dr. Binwei Gui
Assistant Professor of China University of Political Science and Law

Yuqing Qiu
YuqingQiu Dr. Yu-Qing Qiu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lin Wang
LinWang Dr. Lin Wang
Assistant Professor of Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Li Wang
LiWang Dr. Li Wang
Phd candidate of school of InformationRenmin University of China

Xianwen Ren
XianwenRen Dr. Xianwen Ren
Research Assistant of Institute of Pathogen Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

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