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===== Publications - E-Government =====

=== Books ===

~1) Xiang-Sun Zhang and Lian Du. [[BookEGovernmentStrategyPlanning E-Government and Its Strategy Planning]]. Science Press, Beijing, 2004. (In Chinese)
~1) Xiang-Sun Zhang, Q.-Z. Zhao and F.-A. Liu. //Management Information System: System Theory and Planning//. Science Press, Beijing, 2001. (In Chinese)

=== Refereed Journal Articles ===

~1) Xiang-Sun Zhang and Lian Du. The strategic planning method of E-Government. //Blue Book of Electronic Government: China E-Government Development Report//, No. 1, pp. 151-166, Social Science Documentation Publishing House, Beijing, 2003.

=== Proceedings Articles ===

~1) Zhong-Wei Zhan, Yong Wang, Ling-Yun Wu and Xiang-Sun Zhang. Evaluation of E-Government services based on data envelopment analysis. Proceedings of ORSC 2004, pp:348-354, Global-Link Publishing Company, 2004. (In Chinese)

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