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Publications - Bioinformatics 2014

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Books & Chapters

Accepted Papers

  1. Jiguang Wang#, Hossein Khiabanian, Davide Rossi, Giulia Fabbri, Valter Gattei, Francesco Forconi, Luca Laurenti, Roberto Marasca, Giovanni Del Poeta, Robin Foà, Laura Pasqualucci, Gianluca Gaidano, Raul Rabadan#
    Tumor evolutionary directed graphs and the history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    eLife, DOI:10.7554/eLife.02869, 2014. (#corresponding authors).
  1. Hui-Jia Li, Hao Wang et al
    Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networks.
    Europhysics Letters, (Accept, 2014).
  1. Hui-Jia Li, Jasmine J.Daniels
    Social significance of community structure: Statistical view.
    Physical Review E, (Accept, 2014).

Refereed Journal Papers

  1. Wang Lin Wang, Yong Wang, Qinghua Hu, Shao Li.
    Systematic analysis of new drug indications by drug-gene-disease coherent subnetworks.
    CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology, 3, e146; 2014.

  1. Evangelos Pefanis*, Jiguang Wang*, Gerson Rothschild*, Junghyun Lim, Jaime Chao, Raul Rabadan, Aris N. Economides, Uttiya Basu
    Noncoding RNA transcription targets AID to divergently transcribed loci in B cells
    Nature, doi:10.1038/nature13580, 2014. (* co-first authors).
  1. Jiguang Wang*
    The research on molecular network models of complex disease (in Chinese).
    Sci Sin Math, 44(4): 317-328, doi: 10.1360/012013-143, 2014.
  1. D Rossi, H Khiabanian, V Spina, C Ciardullo, A Bruscaggin, R Famà, Silvia Rasi, Sara Monti, Clara Deambrogi, Lorenzo De Paoli, Jiguang Wang, Valter Gattei, Anna Guarini, Robin Foà, Raul Rabadan, and Gianluca Gaidano.
    Clinical impact of small TP53 mutated subclones in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
    Blood, blood-2013-11-539726, 2014.
  1. J Zhou, J Wu1, B Li1, D Liu, J Yu, X Yan, S Zheng, J Wang, L Zhang, L Zhang, F He, Q Li, A Chen, Y Zhang, X Zhao, Y Guan, X Zhao, J Yan1, J Ni, M A Nobrega, B Löwenberg, R Delwel, P J M Valk, A Kumar, L Xie, D G Tenen, G Huang and Q-f Wang.
    PU. 1 is essential for MLL leukemia partially via crosstalk with the MEIS/HOX pathway.
    Leukemia, doi: 10.1038/leu.2013.384, 2014.
  1. Zhaoqi Liu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Shihua Zhang.
    Breast tumour subgroups reveal diverse clinical predictive power.
    Scientific Report, (2014), 4: 4002.
  1. Junfei Zhao, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Shihua Zhang
    Predicting cooperative drug effects by the quantitative cellular profiling of response to individual drugs.
    CPT: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology, (2014), 3: e102.
  1. Junhua Zhang, Ling-Yun Wu, Xiang-Sun Zhang and Shihua Zhang
    Discovery of co-occurring driver pathways in cancer.
    BMC bioinformatics,(2014), 15 (1), 271.
  1. Hui-Jia Li and Xiang-Sun Zhang
    Analysis of stability of community structure across multiple hierarchical levels.
    Europhysics Letters, (2014), 103 (5), 58002.
  1. Hui-Jia Li, B. Xu, L. Zheng and J. Yan
    Integrating attributes of nodes solves the community structure partition effectively.
    Modern Physics Letters B, (2014), 28 (05), 1450037.
  1. Hui-Jia Li, Huiying Li and Chuanliang Jia
    A novel dynamics combination model reveals the hidden information of community structure.
    International Journal of Modern Physics C, (2015), 26 (4), 1550043.

Proceedings Papers

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