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Publications - Bioinformatics 2010

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Books & Chapters

  1. Ling-Yun Wu, Xiaobo Zhou, and Stephen T. C. Wong.
    Computational Imaging and Modeling for System Biology
    Chapter 17 in Elements of Computational Systems Biology, Huma M. Lodhi and Stephen H. Muggleton (Editors). John Wiley & Sons, January, 2010.
  1. Ling-Yun Wu.
    Haplotype Inference Models and Algorithms
    Chapter in Algorithms in Computational Molecular Biology: Techniques, Approaches and Applications, Mourad Elloumi and Albert Y. Zomaya (Editors). John Wiley & Sons, June, 2010.

Working Papers

Accepted Papers

  1. Yong Wang, Eric Franzosa, Xiang-Sun Zhang, and Yu Xia.
    Protein evolution in yeast transcription factor subnetworks
    Nucleic Acids Research, in press, 2010.
  1. Yan Xu, Xiao-Bo Wang, Jun Ding, Ling-Yun Wu, and Naiyang Deng.
    Lysine acetylation sites prediction using an ensemble of support vector machine classifiers
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, in press, 2010.

Refereed Journal Papers

  1. Zhi-Ping Liu, Ling-Yun Wu, Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang, and Luonan Chen.
    Prediction of protein-RNA binding sites by a random forest method with combined features
    Bioinformatics, 26(13):1616-1622, 2010.
    SCI; Funding: NSFC(10631070, 60873205), 973(2006CB503905)
  1. Yongcui Wang, Zhixia Yang, Yong Wang, and Nai-Yang Deng.
    Computationally probing drug-protein interactions via support vector machine
    Letters In Drug Design & Discovery, 7(5), 370-378, 2010.
  1. Zhong-Yuan Zhang, Tao Li, Chris Ding, Xian-Wen Ren, and Xiang-Sun Zhang.
    Binary matrix factorization for analyzing gene expression data
    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 20(1), 28-52, 2010.
  1. Xianwen Ren, Xiaobo Zhou, Ling-Yun Wu, and Xiang-Sun Zhang.
    An information-flow-based model with dissipation, saturation and direction for active pathway inference
    BMC Systems Biology, 4:72, 2010.
    SCI; Funding: NSFC(60873205), 973(2006CB503905)
  1. Zhi-Ping Liu, Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang and Luonan Chen.
    Identifying dysfunctional crosstalk of pathways in various regions of Alzheimer's disease brains
    BMC Systems Biology, 4(Suppl 2):S11.
    SCI; Funding: NSFC(10631070, 60873205), 973(2006CB503905)
  1. Yu-Qing Qiu, Shihua Zhang, Xiang-Sun Zhang and Luonan Chen.
    Detecting disease associated modules and prioritizing active genes based on high throughput data.
    BMC Bioinformatics. 11:26, 2010.
    SCI; Funding: 973(2006CB503905), NSFC(60873205, 10801131), CAS(kjcx-yw-s7)
  1. Zheng Xia, Ling-Yun Wu, Xiaobo Zhou, and Stephen TC Wong.
    Semi-supervised drug-protein interaction prediction from heterogeneous biological spaces.
    BMC Systems Biology, Vol. 4, Suppl 2, S6, 2010.
  1. Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang, and Luonan Chen.
    Optimization Meets Systems Biology.
    BMC Systems Biology, Vol. 4, Suppl 2, S1, 2010.
  1. Tingting Gao, Zhixia Yang, Yong Wang, Ling Jing.
    Identifying translation initiation sites in prokaryotes using support vector machine.
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 262, No. 4, 644-649, 2010.
    SCI; Funding: NSFC(10631070, 10801131)
  1. Lin Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Yong Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang, and Luonan Chen.
    SANA: an algorithm for sequential and non-sequential protein structure alignment
    Amino Acids, Vol. 39, No. 2, 417-425, 2010.
    SCI; Funding: NSFC(10631070, 60503004), JSPS-NSFC (10711140116).

Proceedings Papers

  1. Zhi-Ping Liu, Xiang-Sun Zhang and Luonan Chen.
    Inferring gene regulatory networks from expression data with prior knowledge by linear programming.
    Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics. pp. 3067-3072, Qingdao, China, 2010.
    EI; Funding: 973(2006CB503905), NSFC(10631070, 10801131)

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