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=====Hui-Jia Li(**李慧嘉**)=====
==Distinguished Research Fellow==
==School of Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.==
==Ph.D of Academy of Mathematics & Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.==
==Address: No.10 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100876, China.==
==Email :
==Google Scholar: [[]]==
==Researchgate: [[]]==
==科研在线: [[]]==
==ORCID: [[]]==
==IEEE Member(No.93915704)==
==ACM Member(No.0743516)==
==CCF Member(No.84486M)==
==IEEE Computer Society(No.s186216)==
==ICSES Member(No.1888)==
===''Editorial Member''===
~1) **[[ Frontiers in Physics]]** **(2019-), Associate Editor**
~1) **[[ PLOS One]]** **(2018-), Associate Editor**
~1) **[[ Palgrave Communications]]** **(2019-), Associate Editor**
~1) **[[ ICSES Transactions on Data Science, Engineering and Technology]]** **(2017-), Editor**
~1) **[[ Journal of Liangcheng University (Natural Science Edition)]]** **(2017-), Reviewer Editor**
===''Research Areas and Interests''===
==Data Mining==
==Complex Systems==
==Social networks==
==Electronic Business==
==Smart city==
===''Featured Journal Articles''===
~1) Yan-Ni Tang, Ju Xiang, Yuanyuan Gao, Zhi-Zhong Wang, **Hui-Jia Li***, et al.---**[[ An Effective Algorithm for Optimizing Surprise in Network Community Detection]]**---**IEEE Access**, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2946080, 2019. (IF=4.098, **corresponding author**)
~1) Zhan Bu, Yuyao Wang, **Hui-Jia Li**, Jiuchuan Jiang, Zhiang Wu, Jie Cao.---**[[ Link prediction in temporal networks: Integrating survival analysis and game theory]]**---**Information Sciences**, 498, 41-61, 2019. (IF=5.524)
~1) Guijun Li, Jun Hu,Yanqiu Song,Yingxuan Yang and **Hui-Jia Li***---**[[ Analysis of the Terrorist Organization Alliance Network based on complex network theory]]**---**IEEE Access**, 7, 103854 - 103862, 2019. (IF=4.098, **corresponding author**)
~1) Zhen Su, Xiaohui Mu, Yang Dai and **Hui-Jia Li***.---**[[ Defectors for high degree with adaptive interactions]]**---**Physica A**, 527, 121132, 2019. (IF=2.132, **corresponding author**)
~1) Ju Xiang, Yan Zhang, Jian-Ming Li, **Hui-Jia Li**, and Min Li.---**[[ Identifying multi-scale communities in networks by asymptotic surprise]]**---**Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment**, (2019) 033403, 2019. (IF=2.404)
~1) Zhan Bu, **Hui-Jia Li**, Chengcui Zhang, Jie Cao, and et al.---**[[ Graph K-means based on Leader Identification, Dynamic Game and Opinion Dynamics]]**---**IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering**, 10.1109/TKDE.2019.2903712, 2019. (IF=2.775)
~1) Guijun Li, Zhidong Liu, Jun Hu, **Hui-Jia Li**.---**[[ Understanding the network optimization based on the Physarum-inspired model]]**---**Physics of Life Reviews**,, 2019. (IF=13.78)
~1) Jie Cao, Zhan Bu, Yuyao Wang, Huan Yang, Jiuchuan Jiang and **Hui-Jia Li**.---**[[ Detecting Prosumer-Community Groups in Smart Grids from the Multi-Agent Perspective]]**---**IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems**, 49(8), 1652-1664, 2019. (IF=5.135)
~1) Sheng Wei, Shuqing N. Teng, **Hui-Jia Li**, et al. ---**[[ Hierarchical structure in the world’s largest high-speed rail network]]**---**Plos One**,14(2): e0211052, 2019. (IF=2.766, Co-first author)
~1) **Hui-Jia Li**, Lin Wang*. ---**[[ Multi-scale asynchronous belief percolation model on multiplex networks]]**---**New Journal of Physics**, 21, 015005, 2019. (IF=3.579)
~1) Zhan Bu, **Hui-Jia Li**, Zhen Wang, Guangliang Gao, Jie Cao. ---**[[ Dynamic Cluster Formation Game for Attributed Graph Clustering]]**---** IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics**, 49(1), 328-341, 2019. (IF=8.803, **corresponding author**)
~1) Shi Chen, Zhi-Zhong Wang, Liang Tang, Yan-Ni Tang, Yuan-Yuan Gao, **Hui-Jia Li**, Ju Xiang and Yan Zhang---**[[ Global vs local modularity for network community detection]]**---**Plos One**, 13(10):e0205284, 2018. (IF=2.766)
~1) Ke Hu, Jing-Bo Hu, Liang Tang, Ju Xiang, Jin-Long Ma, Yuan-Yuan Gao, **Hui-Jia Li**, Yan Zhang---**[[ Predicting disease-related genes by path structure and community structure in protein-protein networks]]**---**Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment**, (2018), 100001, 2018. (IF=2.404, **corresponding author**)
~1) Xuelong Li, Marko Jusup, Zhen Wang, **Hui-Jia Li**, Lei Shi, Boris Podobnik, H. Eugene Stanley, Shlomo Havlin, Stefano Boccaletti. ---**[[ Punishment diminishes the benefits of network reciprocity in social dilemma experiments]]**---** Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)**, 115(1), 30–35, 2018. (IF=9.423) **[[ *News in CUFE*]]**
~1) **Hui-Jia Li**, Zhan Bu, Zhen Wang, Jie Cao, et al. ---**[[ Enhance the performance of network computation by a tunable weighting strategy.]]**---**IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence**, 2(3), 214-223, 2018
~1) **Hui-Jia Li**. ---**[[ Network Science and Dynamical Networks]]**---**ICSES Interdisciplinary Transactions on Cloud Computing, IOT, and Big Data**, 2(3), 1-3, Sept 2018. (**Editorial invitated**)
~1) Ju Xiang, **Hui-Jia Li**, Zhan Bu, Zhen Wang, et al. ---**[[ Critical analysis of (Quasi-)Surprise for community detection in complex networks]]**---**Scientific Reports**, 8, 14459, 2018.(IF=4.122, **corresponding author**) **[[ *download*]]**
~1) **Hui-Jia Li**, Zhan Bu, Yulong Li, Zhongyuan Zhang, et al. ---**[[ Evolving the attribute flow for dynamical clustering in signed networks]]**---**Chaos, Solitons & Fractals**, 110, 20-27, 2018. (IF=2.213)
~1) Guangliang Gao, Jie Cao, Zhan Bu, **Hui-Jia Li**, Zhiang Wu. ---**[[ A generalized game theoretic framework for mining communities in complex networks]]**---** Expert Systems With Applications**, 96, 450–461, 2018. (IF=3.768, **corresponding author**)
~1) Zhan Bu, Jie Cao, **Hui-Jia Li**, Guangliang Gao, Haicheng Tao. ---**[[ GLEAM: a graph clustering framework based on potential game optimization for large-scale social networks]]**---** Knowledge and Information Systems**, 55(3), 741-770, 2018. (IF=2.247)
~1) Ju Xiang, Zhi-Zhong Wang, **Hui-Jia Li**, Yan Zhang, Fang Li, Li-Ping Dong, Jian-Ming Li. ---**[[ Community detection based on significance optimization in complex networks]]**--- ** Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment**, 2017(5): 053213, 2017. (IF=2.404, **corresponding author**)
~1) **Hui-Jia Li**,Qing Cheng, et al. ---**[[ Uncovering the effective interval of resolution parameter across multiple community optimization measures]]**--- ** International Journal of Modern Physics B**, 31(6):1750041, 2017.
~1) Ju Xiang, Zhi-Zhong Wang, **Hui-Jia Li** et al. ---**[[ Comparing local modularity optimization for detecting communities in networks]]**--- ** International Journal of Modern Physics C**, 28(6), 1750084, 2017. (IF=1.195, **corresponding author**)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Ju Xiang, ---**[[ Explore of the fuzzy community structure integrating the directed line graph and likelihood optimization]]**--- ** Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems**, 32(6): 4503-4511, 2017. (IF=1.261)
~1)Zhan Bu, Guangliang Gao, **Hui-Jia Li**, Jie Cao.---**[[ CAMAS: A Cluster-Aware Multiagent System for Attributed Graph Clustering]]**---** Information Fusion**, 37, 10–21, 2017. (IF=5.667, **corresponding author**)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Qing Cheng, Lin Wang.---**[[ Understanding spatial spread of emerging infectious diseases in contemporary populations]]**---** Physics of Life Reviews**, 19, 95, 2016.(IF=13.840)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Zhan Bu, Aihua Li, Zhi-Dong Liu, Yong Shi.---**[[ Fast and accurate mining the community structure: integrating center locating and membership optimization]]**---** IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering**, 28(9): 2349-2362, 2016.(IF=3.438)**[[ *News in CUFE*]]**
~1)Zhan Bu, **Hui-Jia Li**, Jie Cao, Zhiang Wu.---**[[ Game Theory based Emotional Evolution Analysis for Chinese Online Reviews]]**---** Knowledge-Based Systems**, 103: 60-72, 2016.(IF=4.529)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Huiying Li.---**[[ Scalably revealing the dynamics of soft community structure in complex networks]]**--- ** Journal of Systems Science and Complexity**, 29(4): 1071–1088, 2016. (IF=0.542)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, J J.Daniels.---**[[ Social significance of community structure: Statistical view]]**--- ** Physical Review E**, 91(1), 012801, 2015. (IF=2.366)**[[ *This article is selected as Kaleidoscope*]]**
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Hao Wang, L.Chen.---**[[ Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networks]]**--- ** Europhysics Letters**, 108(6), 68009, 2015. (IF=1.957)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Huiying Li, Chuanliang Jia. ---**[[ A novel dynamics combination model reveals the hidden information of community structure]]**--- ** International Journal of Modern Physics C**, 26(4), 1550043, 2015. (IF=1.195)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Xiang-Sun Zhang.---**[[ Analysis of stability of community structure across multiple hierarchical levels]]**--- ** Europhysics Letters**, 103(5), 58002, 2013. (1.957)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Yong Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Zhi-Ping Liu, Luonan Chen, Xiang-Sun Zhang.---**[[ Community structure detection based on potts model and spectral characterization]]**--- ** Europhysics Letters**, 97(4), 48005, 2012. (IF=1.957)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Yong Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Junhua Zhang, Xiang-Sun Zhang.---**[[ Potts model based on a Markov process computation solves the community structure problem effectively]]**--- ** Physical Review E**, 86(1), 012801, 2012. (IF=2.366)
~1)**Hui-Jia Li**, Junhua Zhang, Zhi-Ping Liu, Luonan Chen, Xiang-Sun Zhang.---**[[ Identifying overlapping communities in social networks using multi-scale local information expansion]]**--- ** European Physical Journal B**, 85(6), 109, 2012. (IF=1.223)
~1) Yinghong Ma, **Hui-Jia Li**, Xiaodong Zhang. ---**[[ Weighted tunable clustering in local-world networks with increment behavior]]**--- ** Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment**, 11, 11009, 2010. (IF=2.404)
~1) Yinghong Ma, **Hui-Jia Li**, Xiaodong Zhang. ---**[[ Strength distribution of novel local-world networks]]**--- ** Physica A**, 388(21), 4669, 2009. (IF=1.785)
===''Featured Chinese Articles''===
~1)宋砚秋,王倩,**李慧嘉**,李桂君. **[[ 基于系统动力学的企业创新投资决策研究.]]** ** 系统工程理论与实践**, 38(12): 3097-3108, 2018.
~1)**李慧嘉**,严冠,刘志东,李桂君,章祥荪. **[[ 基于动态系统的网络社团线性探测算法.]]** ** 中国科学:数学**, 47: 241-256, 2017.
~1)**李慧嘉**,李爱华,李慧颖. **[[社团结构迭代快速探测算法&tn=SE_baiduxueshu_c1gjeupa&ie=utf-8&sc_us=14785350244475725573 社团结构迭代快速探测算法.]]** ** 计算机学报**, 40(4): 970-984, 2017.
~1)**李慧嘉**,贾传亮,佘廉. **[[ 基于本体关联网络的非常规突发事件案例快速提示方法.]]** ** 运筹与管理**, 26(12): 68-76, 2017.
~1)**李慧嘉**,李慧颖,李爱华. **[[ 多尺度的社团结构稳定性分析.]]** ** 计算机学报**, 38(2): 301-312, 2015.
~1)**李慧嘉**. **[[ 优化稳定性的多层次社团快速探测算法.]]** ** 小型微型计算机系统**, 36(3): 566-571, 2015.
~1)马英红, **李慧嘉**, 张晓东. **[[ 赋权网络中的弱化免疫研究.]]** ** 管理科学学报**,13(10): 32-39, 2010.
~1)**李慧嘉**,马英红. **[[ 加权局域网络上的病毒传播行为研究.]]** **计算机工程与应用**, 45(35): 80-83, 2009.
===''Funds and Projects''===
~1)**O2O商务模式下多源异构大数据的挖掘、融合与应用研究**. 国家自然科学面上基金 (NSFC Grants **71871233**), 主持人.
~1)**面向O2O智能商务的大数据挖掘、融合与应用研究**. 北京市自然科学面上基金 (Beijing Natural Science Foundation Grants **9182015**), 主持人.
~1)**社会网络中社团结构内部隐藏模式和动态演化机理研究**. 国家自然科学青年基金 (NSFC Grants **71401194**), 主持人.
~1)**复杂网络中的优化问题及其在系统生物学中的应用**. 国家自然科学重点基金 (NSFC Grants **11131009**), 主要参与人.
~1)**面向应急决策支持的非常规突发事件案例推理的理论与方法**. 国家自然科学重大项目基金 (NSFC Grants **91324203**), 主要参与人.
~1)**社交网络视角下的金融市场走势预测及公众情绪演化分析**. 中央财经大学“青年英才”培育支持计划(Grants **QYP1603**), 主持人.
~1)**社会网络中社团结构动态稳定性的研究分析**. 中央财经大学“121”青年博士发展基金(Grants **QBJ1410**), 主持人.
~1)Elsevier 优秀审稿人(Outstanding Reviewers for more than 10 journals) **[[ *News in CUFE*]]**
~1)中国科学院数学与系统科学学院 院长奖学金一等奖(2013)
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